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About 360 Advisory

Impact evaluation relies mainly on rigorous methods, which determines the changes in results attributed to a particular intervention. This intervention is based on the cause-and-effect analysis. This is exactly what we from 360 CSR Advisory do. Being one of the leading impact evaluation firms in India, we offer impactful evaluation solutions to multi-lateral, government and corporate organizations. As one of the best impact evaluation firms in India, we offer our services to the corporate houses as well as non-governmental organisations in the market.

What We Do

As top-notch monitoring and evaluation firms in the country, we do two types of things: "creating CSR action plan" and "creating social value". We have briefly explained these two options under this section so that our customers can have a good understanding.

CSR Action Plan

As one of the trusted monitoring and evaluation firms, we have the experience and skills to make CSR action for businesses to take up structured CSR initiatives within their operation areas. Depending heavily on which sector the business belongs to, we take up primary and secondary research at:

  • Community Level
  • Industry Level
  • Company Level

Doing so helps us design relevant and proper initiatives for our clients. We also help all our clients monitor, implement, and prepare for a cohesive CSR policy compliant with Section 135 of the Indian Companies Act. But that's not all.

Our clients can also help our clients with CSR policy based on integrated, strategic with, iterative and value chains geared towards the business responsibility reporting. We have made CSR Action prospective, strategy and plan for companies from the Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Insurance and Banking, FMCG and Service sectors.

Making Social Value

As the best social impact assessment firms in the country, we also work with organizations to create an initiative that creates a win-win for the community and the corporate. Through that initiative, we get to leverage a competitive advantage of the business to donate to both economic and societal progress.

We believe that the social value initiatives are sustainable and impactful at the same time. They are connected to a corporate's core business, which contributes its services, expertise or products within a symbiotic relationship. Being one of the reputed social impact assessment firms in the country, we provide value to each of our clients through services on:

  • Planning
  • Financial Advisory
  • Evaluation and Monitoring
  • Impact Assessment
  • Implementation

Looking for Impactful Valuation Services? 360 CSR Advisory is here to help!

We from 360 CSR Advisory have been one of the top social survey firms in India. We have provided our services to many companies from different country sections. As the leading social survey firm, we aim to provide customized services and solutions to our interested clients.

Our Services

CSR Policy and Planning

Assessing the Congurence of Business with CSR

Formulating and Conceptualising the CSR Strategy

Finalising the CSR Intervention Options

Structure a Tax Efficient Mechanism

Implementation and Measuring the Progress

Capacity Building & Training

Social Campaign/Cause Marketing

Monitoring & Evaluation