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Opt for CSR Services from 360 CSR Advisory

360 CSR Advisory is currently one of the leading providers of CSR advisory services in India and has provided its solutions to many companies from different sectors in the industry. We are an upcoming premier leading advisory and research agency operating in the Development and CSR Sector in the South Asia region. We provide the best CSR advisory services in India to Corporates, NGOs and Government Agencies.

Our Services

  • Structure a Tax-Efficient Mechanism
  • CSR Consulting Services & Policy Planning
  • Assessing the Congruence of CSR and Business
  • Conceptualizing and Formulating the CSR Strategy
  • Finalizing the CSR Intervention Options
  • Setting Up the CSR Progress and Governance
  • Measuring the Progress in Terms of Impact and Outcomes
  • Disseminate and Documents the Progress Achieved so far to Facilitate Knowledge Sharing

Our Team of Experts

All our CSR consulting services are provided by our skilled experts. They will take care of all the areas of CSR and will make sure that our customers are satisfied with our solutions and services. They will answer all questions and keep the clients updated about the progress.


As one of the most-trusted CSR policy planning firms, we offer our services to all our customers whenever they need them. We are not like the other CSR policy planning firms, and our services are much different from our competitors.

Capacity Building & Training

A skilled force is better enabled to address the development challenges and contribute productively towards meeting the social goals. At 360 Advisory we work with the Developments Sector, Corporate and Governments to train them in specialized skills to handle the challenges arising in implementation of development projects.

We provide CSR & Sustainability training programs and offer long-term support/ handholding for organization's senior and middle management to enable the company to implement its policies, prepare a road-map and effectively use sustainability management tools.

Social Campaign/Cause Marketing

We work with Corporates to create a Social Campaign around the issue which is the corporate focus as CSR. It could be education, sanitation, water, health, skill or livelihood depending on the corporate business and create a unique value proposition which resonates with the larger community and the stakeholders.

We leverage social media tools to drive the campaign wide and large. 360 Advisory has partnerships with multiple not for profits across South Asia which helps us drive the initiative successfully.

Monitoring & Evaluation

We undertake Monitoring and Evaluation of development/CSR projects on behalf of Corporate and Funding agencies. Concurrent Monitoring & Evaluation helps in effective, accountable and sustainable implementation of development projects.

In most of the cases the projects are in far flung locations in backward or remote districts/provinces which seriously limits regular supervision from the International Development Agencies perspective. We help the agencies have periodic reports and knowledge of the ground level development thus taking corrective measures if any in time.

Due Diligence & Partnerships

We help International Development agencies/ Corporate in conducting due diligence of Not for Profit/NGO partners in South Asian Region. This is important from the perspective that there are number of NGOs working in different thrust areas in any geography today. It is critical to know the background, past work experience, other funding partners, legitimacy and credibility of the organization before confirming any contract.

360 Advisory works with multiple development agencies, MNCs, Public Sector and Private Sector Companies conducting due diligence for prospective partnerships.

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