Create Your CSR Action Planning With 360 CSR Advisory

360 CSR Advisory has been one of the top-notch companies in India when it comes to providing CSR conceptualisation and formulation services. Launched in 2018, the company aims to help all purpose-driven businesses and non-profit companies create social change.

The CSR conceptualizing and formulating solution is provided by our strong team of experts with varied backgrounds ranging from environmentalists, sociologists, educationists, and development sector specialists.

Things to know about our CSR action planning

We make the CSR action plan for firms by taking up the structured CSR initiatives within their areas of operation. We conduct primary and secondary research at the community, company, and industry levels to make a relevant initiative. But our CSR action plan will depend heavily on the company and the type of sector they belong to.

Our services will help in empowering all types of companies within any industry and help them become responsible businesses. Doing so will enable these companies to contribute towards a sustainable world.

We offer companies an effective CSR strategy compliant with Section 135 of the Indian Companies Act. We have also made CSR perspective, strategy and action for companies in the oil and gas, service, banking and insurance sectors.

Final Thoughts

360 CSR Advisory offers an outstanding CSR strategy and planning services to all their interested customers across various sectors in the industry. We strive to provide innovative solutions for companies at the bottom of the pyramid by keeping our focus on sustainability and impact.

Creating Social Value

We work with Companies to design an initiative which creates a win - win for the corporate and the community. Through the initiative we leverage the competitive advantage of the company to contribute to societal and economic progress. Social Value initiatives are impactful and sustainable as it is linked to the core business of the corporate which contributes its expertise, products or services in a symbiotic relationship. We offer significant value to our clients with customised with customised services for planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, impact assessment and financial advisory.